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all questions and answers about the DNA origin test

iGENEA origin analysis and genealogy DNA test

I am a genealogist and have already collected a lot of material. What more can such a test do for me?

A DNA genealogy test can be helpful even for experienced genealogists. Church records and other documents used for researching family trees were not always accurate and complete when issued. There are numerous cases in which wars, unrest or natural disasters have led to the destruction of such records. In earlier times, documents of this nature were not even compiled and it used to be impossible to trace family relationships this far back. It is precisely here that a DNA genealogy test can be helpful. By comparing different people you can check their relationships. This enables you to join together different branches of your family tree and confirm or disprove speculations and family legends as well as reach back into centuries from which no written records have survived with your research.

Do I need a comparison sample for a DNA test?

No. Your unique saliva sample is sufficient for a DNA genealogy test. By comparing your DNA profile with the profiles of every other person on our database, you will find out who you share ancestors with.

How can I order a DNA origin analysis for someone else?

If you order and pay for a test set for somebody else online, the address of the other person under “Comments”. We will then send the collection kit to the address of this person. You can also place your order by phone or e-mail.

How can I, as a woman, examine my paternal lineage with a DNA test?

With our DNA-Explorer you can find out your entire origin of the maternal and paternal side. Women and men can do this test. Only for a test of the pure male line we need the samples of a man, this can be e.g. the father, a brother, uncle or cousin. If you do not have a male relative, we recommend our iGENEA Basic Test (DNA-Explorer). If you have such a relative who is willing to give samples, we recommend our iGENEA Premium Test.

How long will I have access to the genealogical DNA database?

You have the possibility of searching for other relatives for an entire lifetime. New matches with your profile are investigated in the scope of each new test, this means that the number of your "genetic cousins" grow increasingly. Even your descendants will be able to benefit from this access and complete their family tree. Your right to online access will never be cancelled, unless you instruct otherwise.

How can I pay for my DNA test?

Invoice, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal

How can I find out if I am noble or related to a famous person?

The iGENEA Premium Test gives you a Y-DNA or mtDNA profile that can be compared to the profiles of many famous personalities. If you want to compare yourself with a specific person, you can also contact us before placing an order.

How long does a DNA origin analysis take?

After we have received the samples it normally takes 6-8 weeks for the fist results. Depending on the chosen test the result is thus already fully ready or further analysis are done.

When will I receive the test kit if I order a DNA origin analysis today?

Within Europe, postal delivery currently takes about 1-2 weeks. Outside Europe, longer delivery times are to be expected. Delivery times also vary greatly from country to country.

Where are there examples of people who have had DNA provenance analysis?

Yes. We inform you here of examples of people that have had a DNA genealogy test carried out.

How far back does a DNA genealogy test go?

The basic test goes back to approx. 2,000 years. Premium and Expert tests date back to approx. 100,000 years.

Is the sample collection for the DNA test difficult?

No. A Mucus Sample suffices to get a sample of your DNA. Taking the sample is simple and painless and can be done at home. The sampling kit contains detailed instructions.

Can my DNA profile be removed from the database at any time?

Yes. Send us an E-Mail or call us if you would like your profile to be erased. The data will then be immediately and irrevocably removed.

What is the difference between the three DNA tests?

With the iGENEA Basic Test you can find out your percentage of origin, find relatives and receive a written result with a certificate about your result. The Premium Test contains the Basic Test and additionally the haplogroup, the primitive people and the region of origin for the pure paternal or pure maternal line are determined. Additional relatives can be found in the desired line. The Expert Test contains the Basic Test and additionally contains the haplogroup, the primitive people and the region of origin for the pure paternal and pure maternal line. Additional relatives can be found in both lines. Our Expert Test is the most comprehensive genealogical DNA test in the world.

What happens to the data of my DNA origin analysis?

All of our procedures are subject to strict regulations. We apply the highest level of priority to quality, reliability and protection of your personal data. For this reason we process and save your data in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act. You can obtain information from us with regard to the data we have received from you at any time. You decide on whether and for how long we preserve your data for you.

I have lost the password for my DNA test result.

Click on this link and enter your E-Mail address and your laboratory number. Then click on “send”. Your password will be sent per E-Mail.

Are there any additional costs when I order a DNA origin analysis?

The prices for our tests include all costs for sending the sampling set, laboratory analysis, interpretation of the result, unlimited customer service, access to the database and the result, both online and in writing. Only the shipping costs for returning the samples to us have to be paid additionally. This way you choose how you send back the samples.

How can I order a DNA origin analysis as a gift?

If you would like to order the test as a voucher, you can enter your own address when ordering and select at the end of the order process that you would like to receive a voucher. No sampling set will be sent, you will receive a download link. So you can give away the voucher online or print it yourself. If you want to give away the sampling set, you can enter your own address or the address of the person who is to receive the gift. In this case, please enter your own address as the billing address in the comment field when ordering or pay for the test directly by credit card or PayPal.

To which countries does iGENEA deliver?

We ship our test sets to all countries worldwide.

How can I find relatives with an iGENEA test?

In each analysis, we compare your genetic profile with all other people who have already done a test. If there is a match, we can see how closely you are related. You will see the genetic relatives found in this way in a list in your online result. Via the online result you can contact genetic relatives.

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