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The DNA profile of Alexander Pushkin

Are you related to the Russian national poet?

Discover a possible family connection with the founder of modern Russian literature and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The DNA of a national poet

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, often called Russia's greatest poet and the founder of modern Russian literature, left a legacy that remains unmatched in its depth and brilliance. His works are a shining testament to the Russian spirit, and his life was as colorful and complicated as his poetry.

Born in Moscow on June 6, 1799, Pushkin came from an aristocratic family. His ancestors had been part of the Russian nobility for generations. Interestingly, he also had African roots through his great-grandfather, Abram Petrovich Gannibal, who was born an African prince and given as a gift to Peter the Great. Gannibal grew up in Russia, became a general and a close confidant of Peter. This multi-faceted ancestry influenced Pushkin's identity and found its way into some of his works.

As a child, Pushkin was raised by his French-speaking maternal grandfather and by babysitters who told him Russian folktales. This blend of European culture and Russian tradition shaped his literary vision.

In his early years, Pushkin was educated at the Tsarist Lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo, where he wrote a number of works that already gave expression to his extraordinary literary talents. However, his critical eye and penchant for satire also brought him trouble, and he spent several years in exile.

Pushkin's love life was as passionate as his poetry. He fell in love several times and carried many unhappy loves until he finally married Natalia Goncharova. However, their marriage was turbulent, marked by jealousy and scandal. Pushkin died tragically in a duel at the age of only 37.

His works, including "Eugene Onegin," "Boris Godunov" and "The Postmaster," remain immortal to this day. Pushkin's profound poetry, passionate dramas and complex characters reflect the soul of Russia and make him an indispensable star in the literary sky.

Alexander Pushkin belonged to the haplogroup R-M417 (subgroup R-YP682) in the paternal line.

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An Intriguing Journey of Self-Discovery: My Genetic Link to Alexander Pushkin with iGENEA DNA Test

Know yourself better with iGENEA DNA Test! Join me as I share my fascinating journey into my past, tracing back to the Russian literary master Alexander Pushkin, layered with intriguing family secrets and complex history. (R. Visser)

In the spirit of self-discovery, I decided to take a leap of faith to peer into my genetic makeup using the iGENEA DNA test. Little did I know what a fascinating journey it would turn to be. I had heard whispers throughout my family of a romantic connection to Alexander Pushkin, the Russian literary icon, but I had never thought much of it. Now, with my iGENEA DNA test results in hand, the nebulous whispers of my ancestry have morphed into a tangible veracity. My connection with Pushkin, though distant, was confirmed in a way that felt bot heartwarming and incredibly surreal.

The whole experience of using iGENEA was riddled with profound excitement. The anticipation of retrieving and preparing the DNA sample proved to be strangely invigorating, infusing a sense of adventure into what is essentially a scientific procedure. The instructions were clear and comprehensive, easing any apprehensions I had regarding the process. Swiftly and with a beating heart, I sent my sample back, wrapped in the eagerness of awaited discoveries.

There was a praiseworthy transparency in iGENEA's operations that made the waiting phase palatable - they kept me updated about every step of the processing. The detailed report on my genealogical roots that followed was enlightening in more ways than one. The meticulously designed analysis shed light not just on the connection to Pushkin but gave me insight into certain genetic traits passed down the family line.

The revelation about my shared lineage with Pushkin was an emotional whopper, to say the least. It led me on a delightful, albeit obsessive, delve into Pushkin's life, his literary legacy, and his relationship with his African roots. It made me perceive my identity under a shocking new light and left me amazed at how our lives are inevitably intertwined with those of individuals separated by generations or geographical boundaries.

Such findings brought a sense of belonging, a palpable connection to our vibrant past. The iGENEA DNA test was not just a genetic processing experience for me; it was a transformative journey that pushed the boundaries of my self-perception. I whole-heartedly recommend this odyssey to anyone with a zest for uncovering layers of their ancestry.

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