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The DNA profile of Andrew Johnson

Are you related to the famous president?

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The DNA of a well-known president

Andrew Johnson, the 17th president of the United States, is one of the most debated figures in America's political panorama. Successor to Abraham Lincoln after his tragic death in 1865, Johnson's tenure was marked by deep divisions and the difficult task of reuniting a fractured nation after the Civil War. But to truly understand his political career, it is important to look at his background and family.

Johnson was born on December 29, 1808, in Raleigh, North Carolina, to poor circumstances. His father, Jacob Johnson, was a janitor and died when Andrew was very young. His mother, Mary "Polly" McDonough Johnson, was a laundress and struggled to keep her family afloat. With such humble beginnings, Johnson began his career as a tailor, a trade he learned at a young age.

Despite his lack of formal education, Johnson possessed an iron will and ambition. He moved to Tennessee, where he opened his own tailor shop and later married Eliza McCardle. She would prove to be his lifelong companion and advisor, helping him learn to read and write and supporting him in his political career.

In Tennessee, Johnson's rise in politics began. He served as mayor, congressman, governor and eventually as a U.S. senator. His election as vice president under Lincoln was unexpected, and his sudden rise to the presidency after Lincoln's assassination presented incredible challenges.

As president, Johnson ran afoul of the radical wing of his own party, the Republicans, because of his soft Reconstruction policies and his disputes with them. This led to impeachment proceedings, from which he was narrowly acquitted.

Andrew Johnson's life and career are a testament to the American dream and the notion that great things can come from humble beginnings. His story, marked by adversity, determination and controversy, remains an essential part of American history.

Andrew Johnson belonged to haplogroup I-M170 (subgroup I-Y8831) in the paternal line.

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Discovering My Presidential Roots: An Ancestral Journey with iGENEA

Dive into the exploration of my ancestral roots with iGENEA - an astounding journey that concluded in tracing my lineage to the 17th US President, Andrew Johnson. A saga of anticipation, discovery, deep historical connections and self-realization that just might change your perception of DNA tests. (M. Duckit)

My experience with iGENEA was nothing short of transformational. Undertaking a DNA test is always a journey into the unknown, yet the impeccable expertise and nurturing guidance of the iGENEA team made this intricate process incredibly smooth and rewarding.

Upon receiving the kit, I was pleasantly surprised by the clear instructions and how user-friendly it seemed. With a simple cheek swab, I initiated a voyage into my family roots. As the waiting period unfolded, the anticipation might have felt uneasy, but the regular correspondence by iGENEA kept me well-informed and reassured.

Few weeks later, the results were in and to say the least, they were astounding - I was related to Andrew Johnson! I guess inheriting his stubborn streak wasn’t just an old family tale after all. Here on my screen, the genealogical ties and shared common ancestors were visually set out with a comprehensive enough clarity to spark wonder, yet intuitively enough not to overawe.

The revelation was fantastically exciting, like a narrative plucked from a historical novel – me, a descendant of the 17th President of the United States. Aside from the stardust, it offered an intimate sense of belonging and appreciation for my lineage. The detailed written report drove the impact further home, allowing a deeper insight into my heritage with rich historical context.

I must commend iGENEA for presenting intricate DNA science in a format that resonated with heartfelt emotions. Their level of professionalism, blended with personal touch points, made this journey exceptionally fulfilling. This level of expertise and empathy secures my recommendation for anyone seeking to unearth their ancestral roots. A peek into your ancestral past with iGENEA might as well change the way you perceive yourself and your place in the world.

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