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The DNA profile of Clan Hamilton

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The DNA of the Hamilton clan

Clan Hamilton is a Scottish family steeped in tradition, with roots dating back to the 13th century. Known for their political influence and their numerous titles of nobility and honor, the Hamiltons have had a significant impact on Scottish history, politics, and culture. The clan's genealogy and genetic markers have been thoroughly studied over the years, including precise haplogroups of DNA.

The Hamilton clan originated in the Leicestershire region of England. The family moved to Scotland toward the end of the 13th century, where they slowly gained influence. The first known Hamilton to settle in Scotland was Walter fitz Gilbert of Hambledon. He held lands in Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire and was a loyal supporter of Robert the Bruce. Walter was rewarded for his support of the king with the barony of Cadzow in South Lanarkshire, which later became Hamilton. This is the origin of the family name Hamilton.

The Hamiltons continued to enjoy high esteem from the Scottish Crown and were elevated to lords in 1445 and dukes of Hamilton in 1503. In time they also attained other titles of nobility, including Earl of Arran and Marquess of Clydesdale.

The haplogroups of the Hamiltons, taken together with their impressive genealogical history, provide a diverse picture of Scottish aristocracy. Despite this genetic diversity, the Hamiltons have tirelessly maintained their unity and pride, nurturing their identity as a clan with deep, far-reaching roots in Scotland.

Today, Clan Hamilton is spread throughout the world, but with a particularly strong presence in Scotland and Northern Ireland. With their rich heritage and strong genetic roots, Clan Hamilton is an impressive example of the connection between history, genealogy and genetics.

Clan Hamilton belongs to haplogroup I-M170 (subgroup I-Y6615) in the paternal line.

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Unravelling My Ancestry with iGENEA DNA Test: Discovering My Lineage To Clan Hamilton

Venturing into the obscure terrain of ancestry can be a daunting task, but iGENEA makes it incredibly effortless and even thrilling. A DNA test uncovered my lineage as part of the Scottish Clan Hamilton—a discovery that reshaped my perception of identity. (K. Eikelboom)

Going through life without a clear understanding of your roots can be unsettling. That was my experience before taking the plunge with iGENEA, a company I've come to highly regard for their unparalleled approach to DNA testing. The process was enlightening, and to my amazement, I learned that I was part of Clan Hamilton—a discovery that would completely reshape my perception of self-identity.

The journey kicked off with a user-friendly, straightforward process. I received the DNA collection kit, which was nicely packaged with clear, easy-to-follow instructions, making a process that could have been complicated incredibly effortless. The postage was prepaid, and the customer support was a message away and always ready to assist when needed—installing a sense of confidence in me as I navigated this unfamiliar terrain.

The groundbreaking revelation came about six weeks after sending the kit back. iGENEA, through its extensive DNA database and innovative algorithm, tied my lineage to Clan Hamilton. The revelation was mind-blowing and sent me tumbling down an exciting historical rabbit hole.

Suddenly, I felt a sense of deep connection to the sprawling Scottish highlands and the hardy people who have called it home for centuries. Words can't capture the exhilarating mixture of shock and curious intrigue that washed over me as I realized that deep within me was a centuries-old history meeting the dynamic shifts of the present.

The presentation of results was equally impressive. It came in the form of a grand family tree, illustrating a consistent lineage linking my DNA to that of Clan Hamilton. There were points of connection I could never have fathomed, creating fascinating new narratives about the people who once walked the Earth and now lived on in me.

The greatest thrill was the discovery that Clan Hamilton's roots were deeply interwoven into the tapestry of Scotland's history. Understanding that I have inherited the strength, resilience, and courage that defines these people has been life-changing. The realization prompted me to explore further, to learn more about my ancestors, their traditions, culture, and ways of life.

iGENEA's diligent DNA testing procedure has enriched my life in unimaginable ways. It has given me a priceless gift of identity, of belonging to a clan with a rich cultural history. If you're keen on unearthing your roots, I wholeheartedly recommend—you will not be disappointed. In all honesty, this DNA testing journey with iGENEA is among the most engaging, enlightening, and exciting adventures I have ever embarked on.

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