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The DNA profile of David Hume

Are you related to the famous Scottish philosopher?

Discover a possible family connection with the famous economist and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The DNA of a Scottish philosopher

David Hume was an eminent philosopher, historian, and Enlightenment philosopher from Scotland whose works had a profound influence on various scientific disciplines such as psychology, political science, economics, and philosophy.

David Hume was born in Edinburgh on May 7, 1711. His family belonged to the members of the lower noble class in Scotland. His father, Joseph Home, was the Lord of Chirnside, and his mother, Katherine Falconer, came from a distinguished family. The family later changed their surname to Hume to distinguish themselves from the higher nobility.

After his university studies in Edinburgh, which he began at the age of twelve, Hume wrote his first major philosophical work, A Treatise of Human Nature, published in 1739 and now considered his magnum opus. Its core themes include human nature, epistemology, and morality.

Hume was one of the leading exponents of empiricism, a philosophical movement that emphasized the importance of experience as the basis for knowledge. In addition, he questioned the existence of metaphysical entities and emphasized the role of reason and emotion in moral judgments. Furthermore, he was one of the important historians of his time and published a six-volume History of England, ranging from antiquity to the Jacobite Rebellion.

Hume died in Edinburgh on August 25, 1776. His philosophical legacy lives on in modern philosophy, science, and social science. He inspired a number of philosophers, including Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill. In addition, Hume influenced the development of utilitarianism and pragmatism, and made an important contribution to political theory by laying the foundations for liberal democratic theory.

In summary, David Hume was an influential philosopher and historian from Scotland who was widely recognized in various scientific disciplines.

David Hume belonged to the haplogroup R-M417 (subgroup R-CTS4179) in the paternal line.

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Unveiling Ancestral Bonds: My DNA Connection to David Hume via iGENEA

Discovering lineage connection to the prestigious philosopher David Hume through iGENEA's DNA ancestry test: a fascinating journey filled with unexpected connections and a newfound sense of self-identity. (H. Wiewelhove)

I was initially skeptical about DNA test kits, but after trying iGENEA's DNA ancestry test, I have been thoroughly impressed. The entire process was informative and fascinating right from the start. The DNA kit arrived promptly with clear instructions, ensuring nothing could go wrong during the sample collection. Within a few weeks, I received my report, which was detailed and easy to comprehend, thanks to iGENEA's effortless presentation of complex genetic information.

To my surprise, I have a historical lineage connection to none other than the renowned Scottish philosopher, David Hume. iGENEA's thorough analysis showed that I share common ancestors with him on my paternal side. I was amazed to learn about this prestigious connection, and it deepened my appreciation for genealogy and DNA testing.

iGENEA was forthcoming in explaining how they trace back your lineage and link it to historical figures. Their methodology gave me increased confidence about the validation of the lineage connection. They cross-referenced my Y-DNA profile with different databases, including renowned figures, to confirm any possible links. They ensured transparency and validity in all aspects of the process.

Having this personal and historically significant information at my fingertips has given me a deeper sense of self and connection to my ancestors. Moreover, finding out about the relation to David Hume has sparked a heightened interest in philosophy and literature, a hobby I never thought I'd develop.

The customer support from iGENEA was also noteworthy. They were patient, answered all my questions thoroughly, and went above and beyond to explain the nuances of the test results.

My journey with iGENEA has inspired me to delve deeper into my ancestry and, through this in-depth DNA analysis, gain a newfound sense of identity. I couldn't be more thrilled about this discovery and the services provided by iGENEA. They offer reliable results, professional customer service, and a portal into one's ancestral roots that is nothing short of mind-blowing.

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