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The DNA profile of Davy Crockett

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The DNA of a war hero

David "Davy" Crockett was a central figure in 19th century American history and folklore. A frontiersman, politician, and folk hero, he embodied both the ideal of the American pioneer spirit and the lawmaker with a determination to fight injustice.

Crockett was born in Greene County, in present-day Tennessee, on August 17, 1786, the fifth of nine children. His family were prosperous planters who had moved from Ireland to the frontier of East Tennessee by way of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Crockett's upbringing was typical of those times in the wild frontier regions of America. Orphaned at only eight years of age, he learned the hard life of the pioneers, which demanded a great deal of initiative and survival skills from young men. As a hunter, scout and soldier, he made a name for himself and soon became a living legend of his time.

At age 35, Crockett entered politics, driven by the conviction that he could better represent the interests of ordinary people than those of established elites. He was first elected to the Tennessee legislature and later to the United States Congress representing his state. In the process, he made a name for himself primarily through his flaming speeches against the policies of President Andrew Jackson.

But even during this time, Crockett remained the frontiersman, the trapper, and the man of the people, whom many of his contemporaries believed had more in common with the Indians than with the white settlers. His adventures on the rivers and in the wilds of America were published in books and newspapers and quickly became legend. His wild animal hunting stories, his exploits as a soldier, and his experiences as a frontier politician became part of American popular culture.

Davy Crockett died in 1836 at the age of 49 at the Battle of the Alamo during the Texas War of Independence. His death made him a martyr and his legend grew even more. Today, he is one of the best-known figures in American history, and his name and image are inextricably intertwined with the romantic notion of the American frontier.

Crockett's life and legend have inspired a multitude of books, movies, television shows and musicals since his death, and his image as the ultimate American pioneer and folk hero remains alive today.

Davy Crockett belongs to haplogroup I-M170 (subgroup I-CTS6433) in the paternal line.

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A Genetic Journey: My DNA Test Discovery of a Shared Lineage with Davy Crockett

Exploring my genetic lineage with iGENEA was a seamless experience which led to the surprising discovery that I share common ancestors with American legend Davy Crockett. Providing a combination of efficient service, smooth processing, and an enthralling outcome, iGENEA’s DNA testing services are worth exploring in the quest of uncovering one’s roots. (I. Möhlenbrock)

I must admit that my experience with iGENEA has been profoundly illuminating. Although I expected interesting findings from the DNA testing, receiving confirmation that I shared common ancestors with Davy Crockett undeniably threw me for a loop. The whole process leading up to this revelation was smooth, user-friendly, and engaging, undisputedly attributing to iGENEA's service superiority.

Submitting the DNA sample was a straightforward endeavor – iGENEA offered clear guidelines, saving me from potential mishaps. The DNA test kit arrived promptly in the post, complete with step-by-step instructions which I found particularly helpful. The collection of the cheek swab was painless and efficient, further amplifying the hassle-free experience.

Post the sample submission, the waiting period began. This was the bit I found myself dreading, merely due to the anticipation of finding out more about my genetic lineage. However, iGENEA kept me well-informed during the various stages of processing, quelling my anxieties and setting a new standard for customer communication.

Finally, the report arrived- the deciding moment signaling the end of the waiting game. I was prepared for intriguing narratives, but learning about my connection to Davy Crockett was a highlight that superseded all expectations. It was quite a revelation to find out that I share a lineage traced back to this renowned American folk hero, a revelation that altered my perception of my own history. Besides, the detailed, comprehensive report furnished added depth to my understanding of my heritage, rendering this exploration of my ancestry a truly rewarding experience.

The process, right from receiving the test kit to obtaining the comprehensive results, was streamlined and efficient. What elevated my satisfaction was the care demonstrated by iGENEA regarding my privacy. The entire process was conducted with utmost discretion, with my data being handled responsibly, a commitment stayed true to by iGENEA.

In light of the extraordinary efficiency exhibited by iGENEA and the intriguing revelations of my genetic journey, I’d recommend their services without reservation. The discovery of my tie with Davy Crockett via iGENEA’s brilliant DNA services has undoubtedly been an invigorating experience that I continue to cherish.

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