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The DNA profile of Miklós Horthy

Are you related to the former regent of Hungary?

Discover a possible family connection with the former regent of Hungary and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The DNA of the former regent of Hungary

Miklós Horthy, a controversial and complex figure in Hungary's history, was the country's imperial governor from 1920 to 1944. During this period, he led Hungary through the turbulent waters between the two world wars, establishing an authoritarian regime that was characterized by both conservative and nationalist principles.

Born on June 18, 1868, in Kenderes, a small town in the Kingdom of Hungary, Horthy came from a family of the lower nobility. He pursued a career in the Imperial and Royal. Navy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and served as a naval commander in World War I. After the collapse of the monarchy and the subsequent communist rule of Béla Kun in Hungary, Horthy returned to Hungary and quickly established himself as a leader of counterrevolutionary forces.

In 1920, Horthy was elected imperial administrator of Hungary and established a regime that restored the monarchy in all but name. Although he saw himself as a champion of law and order, his rule was marked by anti-Semitic laws, authoritarian governance, and a tilt toward Germany and Italy during World War II.

In his personal life, Horthy had been married to Magdolna Purgly since 1901, and the couple had four children. Tragically, two of his sons died at a young age, which left a deep mark on Horthy.

In 1944, with the Axis powers in retreat, Horthy tried in vain to get Hungary out of the war. Shortly thereafter, he was deposed by the Nazis and taken prisoner. After the war ended, he lived in exile in Portugal, where he died in 1957.

Miklós Horthy's legacy remains controversial. For some, he was a bulwark against communism and a champion of Hungarian interests; for others, he represents authoritarian rule and compromise with dark forces. However, his influence on 20th century Hungarian history is undeniable.

Miklós Horthy belonged to the haplogroup I-M170 in the paternal line.

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iGENEA DNA Test: A Stirring Journey into My Ancestral Connection with Miklós Horthy

My adventure into self-discovery was ecstatic using the iGENEA DNA test. The revelation of common ancestry with the controversial Miklós Horthy, a Hungarian statesman from the early 20th century, added more thrill and insight into my family history. (Q. Klippell)

My journey into finding more about my ancestry started with a sense of curiosity and anticipation. Having invested my time, hope and money into it, I was eager to know the outcomes of my DNA test from iGENEA. In all honesty, I was captivated by their promise to reveal even links to historical figures, setting them apart from other DNA testing services I had considered. So, with a determined and hopeful spirit, I chose iGENEA for this quest.

The overall experience with iGENEA was smooth. Their website was user-friendly and enlightening with ample narratives of the process and science behind genetic testing. Upon ordering the DNA test kit, it arrived promptly and the step-by-step instructions made the process straightforward; simply swab, pack, and send. The waiting period was roughly six weeks, a reasonable amount of time considering the depth of information they were set to unravel.

However, it was the result of the test which really surprised me. Being informed that I share a common ancestry with Miklós Horthy, or rather having historical roots linked with him, brought a rush of mixed emotions. For those unfamiliar, Horthy was a Hungarian naval officer and statesman who served as the Regent of Hungary between 1920 and 1944. He was a controversial figure, with narratives of his leadership varying quite polarly. Learning such a connection sparked an incredible curiosity in me, sparking a drive to dive deeper into the annals of history.

This revelation of shared ancestry has somehow made history far more personal and fascinating to me. Horthy's story had suddenly become part of my story and the story of my bloodline. It has unleashed a cascade of questions, about Horthy, my deep ancestors, the circumstances around them, and how it has all shaped who I am today.

Moreover, the aftercare service by iGENEA was highly commendable. The detailed result report they provided was insightful, visually appealing, and navigable even for a novice in genetics. Their commitment to answering my succeeding questions and willingness to aid me further in understanding my lineage was quite impressive.

Conclusively, my experience with iGENEA was stirring. It was not just about knowing the percentage composition of my ethnicity, or revealing health predispositions, but a captivating journey into my heritage, a bridge linking me to a past I was oblivious to. I highly recommend iGENEA for anyone seeking an enlightening genetic voyage.

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