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The DNA profile of Susan Sarandon

Are you related to the famous actress?

Find out with a DNA origin analysis from iGENEA and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The origin of Susan Sarandon

The maternal line of Susan Sarandon comes from Italy (Tuscany and Sicily). This was also confirmed by the result of a mtDNA test.
Susan Sarandon belongs to the Haplogroup H in the maternal line.

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Unveiling Surprising Hollywood Connection: My DNA Journey with iGENEA

Taking a DNA test with iGENEA led me on an unexpected journey of self-discovery, revealing not only my rich, diverse ethnic background but also surprising familial ties to Hollywood actress, Susan Sarandon. (P. Rempler)

Taking a DNA test was something that had always intrigued me, so I decided to go on a journey of self-discovery with iGENEA. I initially embarked on this exploration with the mindset of finding out more about my ethnicity and geographical origins, never imagining I would discover a more fascinating surprise around the corner.

iGENEA made the process incredibly simple and efficient. I ordered a test kit, which arrived promptly and was packed with easy-to-use materials and clear instructions. Following the guidelines, I sent my sample back, and after several weeks, my results arrived.

The whole processing period was efficient and seamless. iGENEA provided constant updates via email to keep me informed about the status of my DNA extraction and analysis. The anticipation grew with each update, increasing the excitement of my impending report.

When the results finally came in, it was genuinely astonishing. I found out much about my ethnic background, mixed and varied, tracing back to numerous countries and cultures. Yet, the real shock came when I delved into the 'Relatives' section of my results. Leafing through numerous distant relatives initially, I couldn't believe my eyes when a familiar name popped up - Susan Sarandon.

Sharing common ancestors with an Academy Award-winning actress had never crossed my mind. The revelation was so unexpected and added a new level of intrigue to my results. I find this fascinating detail to be a fun conversation starter and a story I will continue to tell for years to come.

Looking back on this journey, my experience with iGENEA has been nothing short of exceptional. The service was prompt, efficient, and confidential, and the results were fascinating beyond words. The association with Susan Sarandon was simply the cherry on top of an already exciting and rich history that I was thrilled to uncover. All thanks to iGENEA, my own sense of self has deepened and my understanding of our universal human connection has expanded.


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Questions and answers about the DNA test

How long does a DNA origin analysis take?

After we have received the samples it normally takes 6 weeks for the fist results. Depending on the chosen test the result is thus already fully ready or further analysis are done.

How can I order a DNA origin analysis for someone else?

If you order and pay for a test set for somebody else online, the address of the other person under “Comments”. We will then send the collection kit to the address of this person. You can also place your order by phone or e-mail.

This is how the DNA origin analysis works

A Mucus Sample suffices to get a sample of your DNA. Taking the sample is simple and painless and can be done at home. Send the samples with the envelop included in the sampling kit.

Order test kit
Get test kit
Take samples

at home, simple and painless

Send in samples

with the enclosed envelope


online after approx. 6-8 weeks

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